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Design (Alone) Won’t Save Your Business –

+ Questions to Ask When Rebranding For those of us old enough I must ask: Do you remember Enron? Those of us who are design history buffs will know who designed the logo for this company. I was actually quite surprised myself when I learned that it was Paul Rand, the notable designer who created the IBM, Cummins and the original UPS logo. All three … Continue reading Design (Alone) Won’t Save Your Business –


Oh boy…color. It’s one of those things where you eventually have to make a decision. And stick to it. For some people though, selecting the color or set of colors is time consuming and arduous. Especially when trying not to pick the same ones that were used for a previous project. The other issue when choosing color(s) is to resist the temptation to fall back … Continue reading Color

Brochure Cover Detail

The Art of Design. The Design of Art.

A while back I found this brochure for a Picasso exhibit at Le Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal. The exhibit was way back in 1985. What I found curious about it is the cover of the brochure, specifically the main title and dates of the exhibition. Opening up the brochure, you see the same type treatment in the titles. They play off Picasso’s signature, or … Continue reading The Art of Design. The Design of Art.

My Experience, or Lack Thereof, With Pro-Bono Design Work

I was recently looking up what the term pro-bono meant. It essentially means “for the public good.” And looking around I found two very good articles on the topic. One from HOW design magazine titled Graphic Design for Good: The Dos & Dont’s of Pro Bono Design. And the other one from Fast Company titled Five Myths About Pro Bono Design. I am not going … Continue reading My Experience, or Lack Thereof, With Pro-Bono Design Work